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  • about is a mortgage comparison website. We compare mortgage rates from today’s top lenders, and provide the consumer with useful information. We are not a mortgage lender, but a mortgage lender matching service.  Our company was founded in 2013 when a founding member was searching for their own property. Finding a property within his means wasn’t easy, and the lending terminology was blowing his mind. We created this site to help first time home buyers, and even those who want to refinance right!  The best way to secure the best mortgage rate for your home is to comparison shop, but spending time researching online can take hours. Stop wasting time on websites that don’t provide you with everything you need.  At Home Sweet Lender you can search for your dream home, and request a mortgage quote from one place. We compare rates from lenders in your area, making sure that the rates displayed apply to you and your financial goals. Use our simple mortgage rate calculator to get an idea of what you need to put down.  We know that the American dream is to own a home, but acquiring that dream isn’t as easy as it once was. The state of the economy, increasing student loan debt, higher housing costs, and stricter lender restrictions have made buying a home almost impossible. We can help. We know it can be difficult to navigate the mortgage world, but Home Sweet Lender makes it a lot easier.  Read our blog posts often to get useful information and facts about the mortgage lending industry, and how to get the best loan for your family. You can buy your home sweet home, let us help you today.  Visit today, and start comparing mortgage rates. When you compare you win!