Welcome to Home Sweet Lender


Welcome to Home Sweet Lender

Thank you for visiting our website, we hope you’ll come back often to take advantage of our mortgage tools, helpful guides, get your mortgage/home owner news and more!

What We Do

Home Sweet Lender provides information to people looking to buy a home. Whether you are looking to purchase your first home, looking for investment properties, or buying a vacation home we can help. The home buying and funding process can be time consuming and intimidating, but we hope to remedy that with helpful tips and guides. You can visit our website blog to get all the news and information you need to find funding for your dream property.

Beyond useful content, Home Sweet Lender provides tools to help guide you through the home buying process. Our mortgage calculator helps you estimate what you would be spending should you invest in a particular property. By figuring out what your monthly payments would be, you can determine whether or not a property falls within your budget. It’s better to figure out monthly payments in advance before moving forward with the buying process. Save time and money by calculating today. In addition to our mortgage calculator, we also offer a mortgage rate table. The rate table shows approximately what you could expect to pay in interest and fees for a mortgage. You can find lenders in your area who are offering funding to qualified applicants, and see what their fee charges are.

When you’re ready to look for funding, Home Sweet Lender can help by matching you with mortgage lenders. Simply enter your information into our form to get free mortgage quotes.  Our mortgage lender matching service automatically searches certified lenders in your area to help you find the right one for the loan you need. If our system finds a match for your funding needs, you will receive a congratulations notice and be contacted by the lender directly. You do not have to commit to any mortgage offer that does not meet your budgetary needs. Should you find the terms of your mortgage loan offer agreeable, you may sign the loan agreement. 

What We Don’t Do

Home Sweet Lender operates as a mortgage lead generation company connecting customers like you with lenders in your area. We have established an extensive network of certified lenders across the U.S. ready to fund qualified home owners. Home Sweet Lender does not provide mortgage funding directly, but can help you find the funding you need.

You can afford your dream home today with an affordable mortgage, or refinance your current home to afford that renovation. It’s easy when you compare mortgage rates at Home Sweet Lender.

Our lender matching process is quick and easy.  Its a fast and convenient way to get mortgage quotes for the funding you need. Start the search and compare mortgage rates today!

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